By Midtown Dental Studio, L.L.C.
June 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Improving your smile is easy with dental bonding. Our Midtown Atlanta, GA, dentist, Dr. Travon Holt of Midtown Dental Studio, explains dental bondinghow you revitalize your smile with this simple dental procedure.

Composite resin makes it all possible

Composite resin is the ideal material for bonding. The plastic-based material looks and acts like putty. Because composite resin is so flexible, dentists can manually manipulate into any shape needed before applying it to your teeth. Once the material is dried with the help of a curing light, it will be tough enough to stand up to constant wear and tear.

Bonding repairs damage and eliminates imperfections

Do have a chip in your tooth? Chips aren't uncommon and can occur due to wear or even biting into hard foods. Adding a little composite resin to your tooth fills in the chip and improves your smile. Sometimes, a tooth doesn't just chip when you take a bite of an apple but actually breaks. If a small section of your tooth breaks off, the broken section can often be bonded into place. Although bonding can be helpful for minor breaks, major tooth fractures may need to be treated with root canal therapy and crowns. If you experience a broken tooth, be sure to call our Midtown Atlanta office as soon as possible.

Bonding is also used to completely change the way a tooth looks. It can make a crooked tooth look straight or add a little length to a tooth that's just a little too short. Covering your tooth with composite resin also hides discolorations. Whether you took tetracycline when you were younger or a large filling has discolored your tooth, bonding can make those stains disappear.

Are you self-conscious about gaps between your teeth? If veneers aren't in your budget, bonding offers a less expensive way to eliminate spaces between your teeth. Bonding is also used to reduce tooth sensitivity caused by receding gums.

Composite resin is an excellent filling material

Composite resin offers an alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Because the material is tooth-colored, you're fillings are never noticeable. Composite resin doesn't expand and contract like amalgam fillings, which can reduce the risk of cracked fillings.

Bonding offers an excellent solution to many cosmetic dental problems. Call our Midtown Atlanta, GA, dentist, Dr. Holt of Midtown Dental Studio, at (404) 937-6940 to find out if bonding is a good choice for you.