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October 27, 2016
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If you think that your missing teeth are dragging down your smile, you are not alone. Many people with missing teeth feel as though their smile is a source of embarrassment and shame. However, you can now fill in your gaps permanently with dental implants, available at Midtown Dental Studio in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about this remarkable dental restoration with Dr. Travon Holt.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures or Bridges
Implants and bridges, while sharing some similarities, have many vast differences. Both dental implants and bridges replace a missing tooth using a porcelain dental restoration. However, implants replace your tooth’s root as well, providing your bone with the stimulation it needs to stay healthy. Bridges use the healthy teeth surrounding your gap to stay in place. This requires preparation of those teeth to hold the crowns on either side of the bridge. Implants, however, stand alone in your gap, not requiring the help of any other teeth.

Dental Implants in Atlanta, GA 
Dentists usually suggest dental implants for patients over the age of 18 who are in good dental and general health and wish to improve the look and functionality of their smile. Good candidates should also have a committed oral care routine which involves brushing twice daily, flossing at least once and seeing their dentist at least twice a year for regular dental examinations and cleanings. Failure to do these things could have adverse effects on your implants.

How do dental implants work? 
Implants have a small, cylindrical post called a fixture which your dentist implants into the bone beneath your missing tooth. While your surgical sites heal, the fixture integrates into the bone and becomes a part of your mouth for good. Thanks to the integration process, your fixture provides a sturdy foundation for your replacement tooth. The implant’s abutment fits into the fixture and holds the implant’s prosthetic tooth in place.

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