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March 06, 2019
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Why replace teeth with a prosthetic which wears out in a decade or so? Instead, investigate a long-term tooth replacement solution: the dental implantdental implant. Dr. Travon Holt, your Midtown Atlanta, GA dentist at Midtown Dental Studio, uses these amazing devices to fully replace teeth--from roots to crown, giving patients excellent smile aesthetics and oral function that lasts. Could your smile benefit from this dental restoration?

What tooth loss does to your smile

It can change it forever. Tooth loss happens due to decay, abscess, gum disease and accident. In the past, the only options to fill smile gaps and maintain oral function and appearance were a few prosthetics which just rested on the gums. So, even with dentures or bridges in place, gums and bone lost height and density, biting and chewing became compromised and in truth, smiles were never the same again.

Enter dental implants

The science of implant dentistry has changed all that for people of all ages and walks of life. A dental implant fully replaces a missing tooth in its entirety with:

  • A titanium root which resides in the alveolar ridge of the jaw bone
  • A metal alloy abutment which extends the implant above the gum line
  • A porcelain crown which restores the implant to lifelike appearance and function

Dr. Holt investigates your oral health and jaw bone density before recommending one or more implants as needed. He may build up the bone before starting the implant treatment to maximize success. As reported by the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness, implants succeed 97 percent of the time, conferring the most natural appearance, jaw bone health and oral function available today.

The reason for implant success is totally unique to the treatment. It's something called osseointegration, the process whereby the jawbone bonds to the titanium implant device. After oral surgery and subsequent healing, your implant can accept the metal extension post and crown and withstand the forces exerted by biting, chewing and speaking.

In addition, know that if you have extensive tooth loss, Dr. Holt also places multiple implant devices to secure dentures or bridgework. Whatever your particular need and preference, you'll find your implants as easy to care for as your natural teeth.

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Dr. Travon Holt and his team at Midtown Dental Studio conscientiously pursue the best oral health and function for each of their patients. They're excited to tell you all that dental implants can do for your smile. For more information and to arrange your personalized consultation at our Midtown Atlanta, GA office, please call us at (404) 937-6940.